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Fear and panic are the gateway to unwanted life circumstances. The remedy ‘Fearless’ helps dissolve the panic you may carry and provides a sense of control. Subsequently, this remedy will give you peace of mind, create a positive outlook and will free you from the fear that restricts you from living a happy life.


  • Calms the mind
  • Change of perspective
  • Creates a sense of freedom
  • Positive mindset
  • Helps overcome obstacles


Current Life Conditions

  • Fear of losing your job
  • Fear of Epidemic | Pandemic
  • Fear of relationships
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of the dark


Ingredients | Quantum Aqua, Grape Alcohol, Black Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chrysocolla, Emerald, Flint, Herkimer Diamond, Larimar, Merlin Quartz, Selenite, Sphalerite Green, Tourmaline Black, Enhanced with various frequencies of Light, Sound and Scalar Energy

Direction | Take undiluted 3 times daily 9 drops under the tongue until bottle is finished

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