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This remedy is created to strengthen the immune system and treat the underlying emotions associated with a Cold and Flu. Sickness is a sign that your body needs a rest. 'Boost' restores balance and brings awareness to the body before you get sick.


  • Balances emotions which lead to low immune system
  • Activates a sense of self-care
  • Helps to maintain a steady flow of CHI in the body
  • Creates inner peace and tranquillity


Current Life Conditions

  • Refusing to slow down
  • Refusing to listen to the body 
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling pressured
  • Experiencing inner conflict

Ingredients | Quantum Aqua, Grape Alcohol, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Clear Quartz, Emerald, Jade White, Larimar, Merlin Quartz, Enhanced with various frequencies of Light, Sound and Scalar Energy

Direction | Take undiluted 3 times daily 9 drops under the tongue until bottle is finished

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