Joint Relief | Works without burning

I have been using your Joint Relief product. I wanted to contact you and say thank you. I find it really good for my arthritis. The added benefit is that it doesn't heat up the area that is in pain, it works away without creating the feeling of fire/burning, it also has a very mild odor.  Because of this the next time my children inform me they have a sore muscle or leg cramps I will happily use this product on them. Joint Relief is great, its fantastic to finally find a product that doesn't create a feeling of fire or have a strong odor.  I recommend this product for the entire family.

Michelle | Brisbane

Nurses are impressed by Wunderbalm

Wunderbalm is wonderful, so healing and moisturising.  I used Wunderbalm when I was in hospital having a double lung transplant.  While in Intensive care my legs and arms became all swollen due to fluid retention and my legs developed blisters because the skin stretched so much.  The swelling did go down and I lost a lot of body weight and muscle mass because I was in bed for weeks, so the skin on my arms and legs were left stretched and wrinkled like an elephant.  I also had discoloured dried patches where the blisters were on my legs.  The staff kept telling me my legs were too dry and applied their creams, but nothing helped.  When I was able to ask for the Wunderbalm to be put on and then did it myself when I was more recovered, the skin was back to good condition, wrinkles gone and skin supple within a couple of weeks.  The discoloured skin also peeled off leaving good healthy skin underneath.
Wunderbalm also has the double benefit of smelling divine.  The nurses would always comment on how beautiful the room smelled after I had applied it.  My nurses were amazing, and constantly washing their hands and sanitising them so I gifted them some Wunderbalm which they appreciated.  One of the nurses had bad dermatitis on one of her hands and when I saw her a few days later she showed me her beautiful clear, healed skin.  She was so happy!
I had multiple surgeries for wound breakdown as well which meant the staff were always changing dressings.  Pulling off the dressings would damage my sensitive skin. I applied the Wunderbalm to those areas, and while it stung a little when applied to the broken areas, the stinging sensation settled quickly and felt more comfortable after applying as it was so moisturising that the scabs stopped pulling, itching and stinging.
I also use the Wunderbalm every day now on a contracted scar from one of the surgeries that helps to keep it supple and comfortable.  When I forget to use the Wunderbalm I know it, as I can feel the scar pulling and contracting.
Thank you for the amazing Wunderbalm!
Giulia P.

Not a single Stretchmark

I began using the 'Mum To Be' pregnancy balm when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. I was instantly in love with the gorgeous smell that completely resonated with me and my pregnancy. I applied the balm each morning after showering, it was a beautiful little ritual where I could connect in with my baby. I found that I had complete faith in this product from very early on and trusted that I would not get any stretch marks. My skin always felt beautifully supple and hydrated right up until my next shower. I never got itchy and always felt that as my belly grew, my skin was never tight and had more room for the baby to grow. My little man was born 2 days short of full term and not a single stretch mark! I might add that I have many stretch marks in other areas from puberty. Thank you Christian, next time I wear a bikini I will be very grateful to you and the truly wonderful 'Mum To Be' product.

Carly Veldhuyzen | SA


Wunderbalm to the rescue

'I am writing to say how amazing your Wunderbalm is. Last night I did a pretty stupid thing, when my kettle was boiling I reached right over the spout to get a tea bag and ended up with a nasty steam burn. Ouch! I would usually run it under cold water, but I reached for the Wunderbalm instead. The soothing effect was instant and, after a few more applications last night, when I woke up this morning there was only a very small red dot, you couldn't even tell I had been burnt. Amazing! there anything this balm can't fix!!! I have used it on sunburn, mosquito bites, hives and now a burn. Wunderbalm is seriously the super hero of skin creams. Thank you for creating such an amazing and useful product.

Sam Catford | SA


Wunderbalm is truly a wonder

I work outside and have found this winter has been particularly hard on my lips and hands, from the effects of the harsh wind and winter sun. My lips had become really dry and chapped and no balm or cream I used could help. My hands also developed cracks on the end of my thumbs and fingers which were very painful. Again, nothing I bought would help. Then I discovered 'Wunder-Balm' and after just one night of generously applying the balm to my lips and hands before bed I woke up the next morning with beautiful soft lips and hands. Over time the balm has helped heal the painful cracks that had developed on my thumbs and fingers. I love this balm and it smells and feels so good. I can't wait to use it on my feet and dry heels to help soften them too.
I also gave mum and dad some Wunder-Balm for Christmas and when my dad was attacked by mosquitoes he used the balm on his mozzie bites and was thrilled to find they stopped itching straight away. Is there any limit to the uses for the aptly named balm? It is truly a wonder!"

A Happy customer


So important for a Diabetic

Dear TEAM,

Your Wunderbalm is wonderful. I have been using it on my skin for scratches, small wounds and dry skin and it helps the wounds and skin heal quickly which is important for a diabetic. I have also been using it on my face as it appears to reduce the redness after a flare-up of rosacea and then it helps with the ‘scarring’ after-effects. I now even use it on my face as a prophylactic and on any other small, long-term skin blemishes on my legs or back. It’s very soothing. Thank you Eusie


My skin is back to normal

"During my pregnancy I gained 22 kg and went from 60 kg to 82 kg! Unfortunately I couldn't blame a 'large baby' as he was only 2.8 kg! I started using the 'Pregnancy Balm' when I was 12 weeks pregnant. It smelt divine and I used it twice a day on my stomach, breasts, thighs and bottom until he was born. I didn't get one single stretch mark! I continued to use the balm for about 6 weeks after my son was born and now my skin is back to how it was before I felt pregnant. All other mums in my Mothers Group can't believe it as they had used different brands of tummy creams and still got stretch marks. Thank you so much.

A happy mother

No words needed

Nappy Rash Louis

Before using our 'Bottom Balm'

Nappy Rash Louis

After 12 hours using our 'Bottom Balm'

Nappy Rash Louis

After 24 hours using our 'Bottom Balm'


I am so grateful

After suffering from stretch marks on my hips as a growing teenager, I was really concerned that my pregnancy would cause stretch marks. I bought the 'MUM TO BE' Pregnancy Balm when I was 12 weeks pregnant as I started gaining weight quickly.
I applied the balm twice the morning after a shower and in the evening just before bed.
Initially I applied it to my stomach, back and bottom, but as my pregnancy progressed, I applied it to the whole area from my armpits down to my knees. I’m so glad that I did as I gained 25kgs! I had never been that heavy before and my pre-pregnancy weight was 57 kg. The product worked so well and I didn’t get one single stretch mark. My stomach skin also bounced back post-pregnancy and I wasn’t left with any saggy excess skin. After seeing the terrible stretch marks that my other friends suffered...I’m SO grateful for this amazing product.

PS. I used the same amazing pregnancy balm for my second pregnancy 2 years later and once again.....not one single stretch mark

Emily W. | SA