Calm Remedy

Dear Christian,
Thank you for giving me the 'Calm' Liquid Mineral Remedy for my husband. He has been taking the drops morning and evening for several weeks. I have seen him going through so many changes in this time. Firstly he was quite withdrawn and reflective, so many of his suppressed demons came to the surface. The remedy has helped him to acknowledge his issues and deal with the constant struggle with himself. Mainly his confidence, self-esteem and guilt. He has definitely turned a corner in how he sees himself. Hi is so much lighter and calmer. The overwhelming anxiety that was always there in varying degrees, has subsided dramatically. The pain that is a constant for him is so much more manageable. He is sleeping much better, having a deeper sleep, without panic attack episodes. Thank you again for The 'Calm' your remedy has brought to my husband and family. You have an amazing gift you are sharing with so many through powerful remedies. Warmest Regards

Karen M | Strathalbyn


Sleep Assistant

Hi Christian,
As a qualified practitioner working with your remedies I wanted to let you know about my own experience with the it.
I used 'Sleep Assistant' with my toddler son as he was crying every night in his sleep. I added 6 drops of 'Sleep Assistant' into his bottle at night with the intent of a safe, peaceful, quality sleep and he has been excellent. I also took it with the same intent, so more sleep for me as well.
We also used 'Travel Ease' over Christmas, as one of my daughters gets car sick and we had to travel to Hindmarsh Island. The 'Travel Ease' worked a treat, with her having no nausea at all and she really enjoyed saying the intent.

Jane Dean, Naturopath | Adelaide


Non believer to believer

This has to be one of the most amazing products out there.  I was a complete non believer of this until a special person in my life suggested i try it . So though I have got nothing to lose my as well give it a go . The power of these drops are insane. I feel as if I have woken from a 30 year slumber this product really works !!!

Jay Large | NSW


A weight lifted off

I was introduced to these products by a friend as she felt I would benefit from them. She was right as it's like a weight lifted from me. Whether it's the drops with a mixture of new attitude and approach, but either way, I am glad I learnt about these products. Love the pearl exfoliation too - best one I have used.

Sarah Baker | QLD


I love the Sleep Assistant

I have noticed a big difference since taking the remedies, i am now on my second one and looking forward to more. great work & i am loving the sleep one

Jelich Vlakyrie | NSW


I am a huge fan

'The remedies have welcomed me to the world I've been searching for and finally, gratefully, beautifully found thanks to you. I am a huge fan.'


Calm Remedy for anxiousness

Hi Christian
I'm very happy to give you some feedback regards the 'Calm' remedy.
I have been using the drops under my tongue for a few months now. I have been taking the drops in the morning before work and have found I'm not as anxious as I used to be. Work can be stressful at times and quite demanding. I am more relaxed and even seen to be able to concentrate more. I also find they are calming when I have a busy week and weekend planned and I start to stress myself about it and can't quite seem to work out how I'm going to fit everything in. I get quite anxious about this and definitely find the drops are great for this. I also don't really like crowds and crowded places anymore so again I have found 'Calm' great for this.
I feel so much more confident and positive and definitely less stressed.

Thank You, Lucie | Adelaide


A bottle of miracles

Thank you for the wonderful drops. My partner has been suffering from severe sciatica and with the very first dose of the 'Axinite' drops he had immediate pain relief. Yep...he's a bloke but he's also happy to admit how much better he feels within himself as well. Thank you Christian for your little bottle of miracles and we can't wait for our business to be busy enough to stock them.

Karen Diesing |SA


Impressed by the results

I have been feeling off the last couple of weeks, I have put the 'Fluorite Purple' under my tongue and I actually feel really good. Very impressive! First time in two weeks that my head isn't aching. Thank you very much!

Leanne Plews


More Zest for life

Hi Christian,
It was a pleasure to meet you at Crystal Wave for the workshop. I appreciated the clarity you provided regarding usage of the remedies. I genuinely do feel happier and seem to be getting through my days effortlessly. I have now more Zest for life. I don't seem to feel defensive anymore when people talk to me. My agroness has disappeared and seem to be more tolerant of myself and others.
I have been very active and getting a lot more done. Over these 3 weeks I have been using the remedies and I have indeed noticed changes in myself and also I seem to be viewing people and situations in a different light.
I highly recommend your products as they seem to be working with me and are helping me to have a happier and more enriched life and life style. For all the above I thank you Christian.

Jacinta Atkin | Adelaide


The best $ 30.00 spent

I can certainly testify as to the benefits of your remedies. I have been taking 'Azeztulite' for bringing about change gracefully and fresh new energies. This has often really stressed me but since being on the drops I feel it more a natural progression and that my dreams and aspirations are real and just now going to happen and manifest rather than being just a dream. Best $30.00 I have spent. This combined with crystals in my water have made a huge difference to my mindset. And the best bit? I have only been on it for a month. Need to get some more!

Michelle Jewels Parsons | Adelaide


From 5 minutes sleep to 5 hours

I have fibromyalgia and have lots of trouble sleeping. I have been on prescriptions for helping me sleep so my body can heal for 7 years, but feel a bit out of it often from the pharmaceutical drugs, and also they don't work after some time and I have to find something else to help me. Anyway, a lovely lady at Crystal Wave, suggested I try your 'Sleep Assistant' drops. They have helped me a lot. Normally, when I don't take anything to sleep I only get 20 minutes sleep a couple of times a night if I am lucky, but now I get up to five hours of sleep a night, which for me is almost a miracle. I have been looking for something natural, that works for so many years and I am very grateful for these drops. Thanking you.



Focus Remedy | Trial

Gender|Male     Age|3.5 years

Condition before trial| inability to follow instructions - auditory processing issues

Feedback| Within two days commencing 'Focus' we noticed a calming in him. His 'meltdowns' were shorter in duration, frequency and intensity. On the third day of using 'Focus' we were swimming and I gave him the 'two more times and its time to get out' talk and after two more times he got straight out of the pool and then turned to me with the most amazed, almost shocked look on his face and said to me "mummy I listened to your words", such a beautiful moment and a realisation for me that up until that point he was just incapable of listening.
At the time of writing this we had been using 'Focus' for almost 3 weeks and the following feedback was noticed:
he is much calmer - he is much happier - he is able to listen and follow instructions - he is able to 'be' in his own space - his level of anger and aggression decreased SIGNIFICANTLY! - bedtimes became much less of a fight and he started to sleep better - he could take a joke, finally little guy could have fun and have a laugh (previously he would take jokes so seriously that he would emotionally fly off the handle).
Focus was applied (only on a couple of occasions on his spine (C1-C4). After the first application he woke the following day a little out of sorts, almost though he had regressed. On the second spinal application more time and feeling was put into the intent and he was absolutely beautiful, such a joy to be around. He has such a beautiful soul and it is so lovely to see his soul shining brightly these days.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your trial. The remedies are amazing products and have changed our world and the life of a little guy dramatically, for which we will be forever grateful.

Trial Number SW020113|4


Motivation Remedy | Trial

Gender|Female     Age|27

Condition before trial| difficulties to commit to anything - can't achieve the simplest of tasks - getting out of bed is a chore - no motivation even if determination is present

Feedback| Good morning Christian, well I have finished my bottle of 'Motivation' remedy as part of the trial and I may say..WOW! I initially wrote to you with issues sleeping, waking and getting out of bed in the morning, completing tasks and just generally staying on track with my goals. In just shy of a month using 'Motivation', I have lost 3 kg.This is due to the fact that I was up at 6.00 am running every second day around an oval, hiking for 45 minutes on the in between day and sticking to a reasonably healthy diet without begrudging myself a treat here and there. The best part is that I feel like is is now a lifestyle, I could not bare sleeping in and missing the morning. I used to take an afternoon nap after picking my daughter up from school, but now, we tend to the veggie garden we started and get crafty around the house or simply go out for a bike ride :-). I am happier. The 'Motivation Remedy' has definitely increased my motivation and made me feel better about myself. To top it all off. I have been wanting to quit smoking for about 5 years, but every time something throws me back on the smoking wagon, I was smoking a pack in a week. In the last month I have had a total of 4 be continued.
Thank you so much Christian, it has been easy, noticeable and life changing...literally!

Trial Number RR050213|1


Travel Ease Remedy | Trial

Gender|Female     Age|45

Occupation|Personal Assistant

Condition before trial| lifelong motion sickness, even when driving if there are bends in the road

Feedback| Hi Christian, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial the 'Travel Ease' remedy.
I am a 45 year old who works part times as a personal assistant and have always suffered from motion sickness (at times even when driving the vehicle). I now can happily tell you that while taking the drops twice a day, plus 20 and 10 minutes prior to travelling I have had no vomiting or even the slightest nausea. What I have found quite amazing as well as these results in the facet I haven't felt the driving anxiety that I had since a car accident in May last year. With such a positive result I will now be trialling them on my 7 year old son who has inherited my motion sickness.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to trial these and also for making my life much more pleasurable the last few weeks.

Trial Number C040113|1


Travel Ease Remedy | Trial

Gender|Female     Age|35


Condition before trial| long haul flights - restlessness throughout the flight - resentful that the flight was taking so long - nausea in the last 3 hours of the flight - intense headache after landing and for a few days following

Feedback| no nausea - no restlessness or resentment during the flight - adopted an easy attitude to the flight and after landing at the destination - no stress at all - happy, content and at ease - subsequent short trips in a car or on a motorbike were similarly easy and stress-free

Trial Number JC021212|66


Spring Balance Remedy | Trial

Gender|Female     Age|53


Condition before trial| tiredness - feeling irritated - foggy head - lethargic - waking up with a blocked nose - no motivation - sneezing - runny nose - itchy eyes - itchy throat

Feedback| I have suffered from hay fever since I was a teenager (now in my 40's) and have had to take antihistamines and/or nasal spray and eye drops every spring to help ease the annoying symptoms of sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, and feeling very tired and irritable. Within one day of starting the 'Spring Balance' spray I felt a noticeable difference and to my great relief there was no sneezing or itchiness. By the end of the trial all my physical symptoms had disappeared, and I had more energy and motivation and could think much better. For the first time in SO many years I don't have to take drugs during hay fever season! Believe me, as I work outdoors, this is a huge improvement and I am very grateful for the Spring Balance which has changed my life in such a massive way.

Trial Number CS090914|3


Spring Balance Remedy | Trial

Gender Male     Age|43

Occupation|CEO Government Organisation

Condition before trial| disrupted sleep - low level headaches throughout the day - sneezing fits 3-6 sneezes when outside - getting irritated

Feedback| Prior to the trial, I was losing sleep due to hay fever disruption, which was making me progressively more irritable. Lack of sleep also contributed to headaches. Also, I found constant runny nose and occasional sneezing fits highly disruptive.
The remedy has a not unpleasant taste and smell, although quite unlike anything I have tasted before. My partner quite liked the smell. Initially I did not notice much improvement in my condition. Then, after a couple of weeks, I was sleeping better, suffering less sneezing attacks and was less irritable. This further improved into the third and fourth week. At the time I attributed this change mostly to changing environmental factors and the passing of the hay fever season. I also found that I was generally in an upbeat mood and was sleeping well.
Sometime around the middle of the fourth week my sample bottle ran out. Since that time my hay fever seems to have gradually returned and indeed I am increasingly suffering sneezing fits. Given this relapse, environmental factors seem less likely to have been the cause of my improved condition in recent weeks. It would appear that the remedy provided a gradual but definite improvement in my physical and emotional state during the time I was on the trial and for some time afterwards. Many thanks for allowing me to be part of your trial.

Trial Number HH230914|1